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On this holiday weekend edition of the NOLADrinks Show, we’re playing back some favorite interviews, commercial free, focusing on some of the thought provoking topics we’ve discussed over the past 3 months. We start off with a discussion of gender issues “behind the bar.” We then chat with Toby Rodriguez, head of boucherie, at the recent “Runaway Boucherie” event in Acadiana. Lastly, we talk agave production and the threats to it in Mexico. We’ll be back with a new show next week!

NOLADrinks 11-24-16

On the radio, due to the Thanksgiving holiday on our normal broadcast day, we ran a repeat of our show covering Runaway Boucherie from 3 weeks or so ago. You can hear that podcast here. Also, if you missed last week’s show, we discuss ideas for Thanksgiving wine selections that will still go great with leftovers! You can hear that one here.

For this week’s podcast, however, we wanted to pull together interviews primarily from our “What’s in Your Glass/What’s in Your Bottle” segment. This is where we focus on issues from the drink and food world with social implications.

First off, we chat with Katie DuBois of Barrel Proof, Adrienne Miller of Bar Tonique and Toup’s Meatery, and Sam Parrie of Cane & Table regarding gender issues “behind the bar.” We discuss some of the challenges female professional bartenders face as they pursue their careers and do their jobs. The full episode can be heard here.

Next, from our Runaway Boucherie show, we talk with Toby Rodriguez, who was the head of boucherie (traditional Cajun butchering) at the event that recently took place in Acadiana and was put on by Runaway Dish. We talk about the importance of this cultural practice and connecting with your food. Here’s the full show where this interview was featured.

We close the show with a discussion of agave production in Mexico. We chat with Nick Detrich of Cane & Table and Braden LaGrone, formerly of Cure and now moving to Mexico to run a bar and be closer to the world of agave. We cover issues connected to the production of Mezcal, traditional ways of life of Mezcaleros, and the significant threats they face politically, culturally, and economically. The full show is here.

Cheers, You All!