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On this installment of the NOLADrinks Show, we talk Thanksgiving wine ideas with Leora Madden of Pearl Wine Co. We also have our “At the Bar” segment with bartenders Lucinda Weed of Black Penny and Jugs, Ellie Rogers of Sylvain, and Jeff Schwartz of Bakery Bar.

NOLADrinks – 11-17-2016 – Thanksgiving Wine and At the Bar

We start the show with a couple of things going on in the area including the Beaujolais Nouveau event taking place that evening in New Orleans. We also briefly discuss the idea of Beaujolais Nouveau and what it is all about.

Leora Madden of Pearl Wine Co. then joins the show to talk about Thanksgiving wine ideas. We discuss some options that can help please all your wine drinking guests. We talk about how sparkling can be a good choice and can work well throughout the meal. We also highlight how that can be a great way to go if you’re serving a deep-fried turkey, something that is commonly served on the holiday in the New Orleans area.

We cover some options of what you might choose if you are trying to simply serve just one white and one red wine. Options discussed include Albariño, Chablis, and South African Chenin Blanc on the white side. For reds, we mention Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. Lastly, we talk a bit about how Sherry can fit in well on the Thanksgiving wine list. Part of the discussion centers around finding value priced wines to do the job and not break the bank for the holiday.

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Ellie Rogers of Sylvain and Jeff Schwartz of Bakery Bar (upper left) – nice face, Jeff! Lucinda Weed of Black Penny and Jugs (upper right).

In the second hour, we have our “At the Bar” segment. In this edition, we welcome Ellie Rogers of Sylvain, Jeff Schwartz of Bakery Bar, and Lucinda Weed of Black Penny and her own “hustle,” Jugs, which makes batched cocktails for parties and events. We discuss a whole host of things – fall drinks, menu changes, the new Luxardo Bitter Bianco (which we taste thanks to Ellie!), Jeff’s housemade apple cider, and more. Of course, we discuss each of their establishments and backgrounds, as well. Hey, there is even a discussion of northern versus southern donuts along with Hubig’s Pies!

Below the map, which features the locations of our guests on the NOLADrinks show, you can stream, download, and subscribe to our podcast…

Cheers, You All!