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On this edition of The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we talk with Kirk Estopinal, co-owner of Cure and Cane & Table. We discuss their locations, Kirk’s background, winning the most recent James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar Program for Cure, work-life balance, mentorship in the industry, and much more.

Pictured above from left – Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks and Kirk Estopinal of Cure and Cane & Table.

The NOLADrinks Show – 7-2-18 – Kirk Estopinal of Cure and Cane and Table

We kick things off on this edition of the show talking about what’s on tap. We also discuss some ideas about work-life balance in the bartending and liquor industries.

Then, we head over to Cane & Table for our featured interview with Kirk Estopinal, co-owner of said establishment as well as Cure. Both of which are operated by Kirk along with Neal Bodenheimer and Matt Kohnke.

We discuss Kirk’s background, a New Orleans native who cut his chops in Chicago and elsewhere. We discuss the recent James Beard Award that Cure Co. received for Cure in the category of Outstanding Bar Program. We cover his career trajectory and how he partnered up with Neal and Matt to open both spots.

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It’s a wide-ranging conversation on cocktails, just what is “proto-Tiki” (as they do at Cane & Table), and providing both mentorship and creating a legacy in the industry. We discuss both Cane & Table and Cure and what their respective approach is at each location, including an emphasis, beyond cocktails, on food and wine at Cane & Table.

We then move into our podcast-only segment, “Another Shot with NOLADrinks” where we continue discussing the idea of mentorship, in hiring staff and supporting their career-building, how the group deals with brands and purveyors, as well as the challenges of striking a work-life balance and drinking on the job.

We close things out with our “Parting Shot” where we discuss alcohol abuse in the industry and choices that can be made.

Below the map the shows locations of Cure and Cane & Table, you can subscribe to, stream, and download The NOLADrinks Show podcast

Cheers, You All!

~ Bryan