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For our next “Featured Cocktail” segment on the “Old Fashioned,” we pay a visit to the source for all-things-whiskey in NOLA – Barrel Proof! Located in the Lower Garden District on Magazine St., this terrific bar boasts around 270 whiskeys (give or take, depending on the day.) Plus, their staff knows their stuff. As you can imagine, the Old Fashioned is a cornerstone cocktail in this spot, which caters to locals, tourists, and the service industry everyday. 

We’re joined by owner, Liam Deegan, who discusses and shows us how they make their straight-forward and classic version of this bedrock cocktail. At Barrel Proof, they sometimes do hundreds in a day. So, you know they get it right!

They are located at 1201 Magazine St. (in the “Lower, Lower Garden District) and open at 4 pm everyday. It’s a spacious spot that boasts a beautiful wood bar, table seating, and some outside sidewalk tables, as well. They have pop-up food several nights a week, including stints by guest chefs from time-to-time. They also have great beers, a smart wine list, and plenty of other spirits to keep your choices varied. Find ’em on the map below.

You can find their location on the map below. Below the map is the video and the edited audio of the show (the full show with more from Liam and others can be heard here) where we discuss the Old Fashioned, more on its background, and how they make it at Barrel Proof. You can also check out their recipe so you can make your own!

Barrel Proof – Old Fashioned

6 dashes of Angostura Bitters
.25 oz of rich Demerara Syrup (2-to-1 sugar to water)
2 oz Old Grand-Dad Bourbon “Bonded” (100 proof)

Build in the glass. Add 4-5 large ice cubes. Stir well – 30 to 40 times to get it well-chilled and slightly diluted. Finish with a large orange peel by twisting the oil over the drink and rub the peel around the rim of the glass, placing on the side. Serve.

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Cheers, You All!