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Here’s the podcast from the New Orleans Dine, Wine & Spirits Show – NOLADrinks Edition – September 22, 2016. We welcome Liam Deegan of Barrel Proof, a terrific whiskey-driven (and more) bar in the Lower Garden District of NOLA. We discuss our recently shot NOLADrinks Featured Cocktail segment on the Old Fashioned where we visited Barrel Proof to shoot Liam discussing and making the drink. You can see that here

We also chat, in our “At the Bar” segment, about various topics, including health and lifestyle issues that many bartenders and others in the service industry face and how maintaining balance and personal wellness in life is key. We, then, taste and discuss some special Chartreuse that Liam brought back from a recent trip to France – the “Élixir Végétal” – that is not available in the US. We finish off with a taste of the “Ancient Age 10 Star” made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery. During the tastings we talk about trends in whisky – using sherry barrels for ageing, the effects on Bourbon production and labeling due to current shortages resulting from high demand, and more.

Prior to Liam’s visit, we chat with Leora Pearl Madden of Pearl Wine Co. about their tasting that evening, goings-on around town, and our “Wine Tip” segment discussing storage temperatures for wine. Find Barrel Proof and Pearl Wine Co. on the map below. You can here the entire podcast here…