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On this week’s The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we’re back with our French Quarter Fest Series in anticipation of Satchmo Summerfest coming the first weekend of August. As usual, we’re at Louisiana Music Factory and, this time, we’re joined by vocalist Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Lamar Heard, leader of the Big 6 Brass Band.

Pictured above from left – Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Bryan Dias of The NOLADrinks Show, and Lamar Heard of Big 6 Brass Band at Louisiana Music Factory.

NOLADrinks Show – 7-15-19 – French Quarter Fest Series – Tonya Boyd-Cannon – Lamar Heard of Big 6 Brass Band

We start things off letting you know about this week’s show, a couple thoughts on Hurricane Barry, and the kick-off to Tales of the Cocktail this week.

Then, we’re over at Louisiana Music Factory for our next French Quarter Fest Series celebrating Satchmo Summerfest coming August 2-4 here in New Orleans. We chat with vocalist Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Lamar Heard, one of the leaders of the Big 6 Brass Band.

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We talk about their music, influences, and backgrounds. Both Tonya, who moved here from Mississippi as a child, and Lamar, a NOLA native, have interesting stories growing up in and around music. They share their journeys to becoming recording and performing artists here in town. They let us know about their respective bands and a bit about what you can expect at their performances (a lot of energy, for sure!)

As we always do on these shows, we chat about their love and connection to food and drink, too. We discuss some of their favorite eats, growing up around good food, and a bit on what it’s like eating on the road.

Pictured above from left – Tonya Boyd-Cannon and Lamar Heard of Big 6 Brass Band at Louisiana Music Factory.

Last up for the radio portion, we talk about Satchmo Summerfest, put on by our friends at French Quarter Festivals, Inc. and coming up Friday, August 2 through Sunday, August 4 at the New Orleans Jazz Museum (formerly the US Mint) in the French Quarter.

Tonya and Lamar share some thoughts on the festival and what it means to them to perform at this important cultural and musical annual event. They let us know when you catch them at the fest, too!

Next up, Lamar and Tonya stick around for our podcast-only segment – “Another Shot with NOLADrinks.” It’s an interesting and important chat. We discuss issues connected to mental health and its importance to everyone, of course, but with an emphasis on the music industry. Both are very forthcoming about the “grind” it can be and how that can affect your well-being.

Tonya openly shares some of her experiences battling depression and how she continues to overcome the challenges that come from it. Lamar shares thoughts on how a band can be a family and what it’s like being a performing artist while being a husband and dad.

We close things out with our “Parting Shot” with a few notes on Tales of the Cocktail happening this week and remaining vigilant during hurricane season.

The map below shows the location of Louisiana Music Factory – thanks so much to them, as always, for hosting us – and the New Orleans Jazz Museum, site of Satchmo Summerfest. You can subscribe to, stream, and download The NOLADrinks Show podcast using the links and player at the top of the post.

Cheers, You All!

~ Bryan

Music Played on This Episode

Here’s the music we played going in and out of the commercial breaks and the radio portion close. All can be found in-person or online at Louisiana Music Factory:


  • “Call it Jazz” – Tonya Boyd-Cannon
  • “After Party” – Big 6 Brass Band
  • “Haters” – Big 6 Brass Band
  • “Groove With TBC” – Tonya Boyd-Cannon
  • “Lamar Song” – Big 6 Brass Band
  • “In New Orleans – Part Tieux” – Tonya Boyd-Cannon
  • “Cruising” – Big 6 Brass Band
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