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On this week’s The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we take a look at the year that was in beers. We’re joined by our regular beer experts Sal Mortillaro and Matt Horney. We talk trends that were (and weren’t), a look at some economics, and take a stab at what to expect in 2020!

Pictured above from left – Matt Horney of Old Rail Brewing Co. and Bryan Dias of The NOLADrinks Show.

NOLADrinks Show – 12-9-19 – The Year in Beer 2019

We start things off letting you know what’s up with this week’s show.

Next, we’re over at Old Rail Brewing Co. in Old Mandeville, just across the lake from New Orleans, for our featured interview.

As always when discussing beer, we’re joined by our “resident” beer experts (unpaid!), Matt Horney and Sal Mortillaro. Both are certified beer judges with the Beer Judging Certification Program. Sal is one of 65 or so Grand Master beer judges on the planet and Matt is the brewmaster at Old Rail.

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This time around, we spend most of the chat talking about the year in review as it relates to brews! Since most of the 2019 numbers are not out yet, we take a look at several predicted trends coming into the year and discuss whether they occurred or not.

We look at various styles, discuss developments at this year’s Great American Beer Festival, and more. We also talk about some of the predicted economics and market trends related to certain categories, craft beer, and beer in general.

In our podcast only portion – “Another Shot with NOLADrinks” – we take a shot at some things you might see moving forward in 2020!

Closing things out with our “Parting Shot,” we touch on beer a bit more – both 2019 and some thoughts on 2020.

Pictured at left from left – Matt Horney of Old Rail Brewing Co., Bryan Dias of The NOLADrinks Show, and Sal Mortillaro of the Beer Judging Certification Program.

The map below shows the location of Old Rail Brewing Co. You can subscribe to, stream, and download The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias podcast using the links and player at the top of the post.

Cheers, You All!

~ Bryan