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Welcome to this podcast of the New Orleans Dine, Wine & Spirits Show – NOLADrinks Edition! In this commercial-free episode, originally from September 15, 2016, we present the two main segments of the radio broadcast. The first is “What’s in Your Glass/What’s in Your Bottle” (WIYGWIYB), where we discuss gender issues “behind the bar,” We also do a short “At the Bar” segment and sip on some whiskey!


The “WIYGWIYB” segment features an important topic – gender issues “behind the bar.” This is a hot-button topic in the service and bartending industry these days. In order to continue the dialogue and discuss some of the relevant issues, we welcome three very talented professional bartenders working in New Orleans – Katie DuBois of Barrel Proof, Sam Parrie of Cane & Table, and Adrienne Miller of Bar Tonique and Toup’s Meatery. These three women share some of their experiences and insights from the bartending world connected to the topic.

We then, as always, have a little fun tasting some drinks and talking about their establishments in our “At the Bar” segment. The full show can be streamed here. The preceding link also has more information on the topic including some background on some of the items discussed as well as some commentary. Check it out!

Cheers, You All!