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On this week’s The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we bring you a fascinating conversation regarding the US wine and spirits market, particularly for foreign producers. It can be a difficult landscape to navigate, and it has transformed considerably in recent years due to the changing nature of information availability and how products are sold. These factors and other things we discuss certainly affect consumer choice. Our guest is US market expert, Steve Raye of Bevology, Inc. Steve is an author, podcast host, lecturer, and consultant in the drinks business.

Pictured above – Steve Raye of Bevology, Inc. and author of Get US Market-Ready.

The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias – Understanding the US Wine and Spirits Market for Foreign Producers – 2022Ep25

So much has changed over recent years in the ways in which we discover and purchase wine, beer, and spirits in the US and around the world. That is an understatement! Of course, the US remains a highly desirable market for many foreign producers. But it is not an easy thing to tackle and manage.

Our guest on this week’s show, Steve Raye of Bevology, Inc., has been helping folks do just that for years. He has worked in and around numerous facets of the drinks business in his career and is an expert on the US market. In fact, he recently penned a book – How To Get US Market-Ready – to assist with such things.

We discuss the patchwork that is the US market as it relates to laws for sale and distribution. We also talk about various challenges that are presented to producers when entering (and even maintaining a presence) in this country. Things that may seem simple or obvious can be more complex than meets the eye. For example, what information is best to put on a label for US consumers?

Additionally, the sales and information landscape has changed so much with the advent of online sales, the availability of information open to all on the Internet, and even shifting consumer preferences and consumption habits.

Of course, we learn about Steve’s interesting and wide-ranging background. We talk about his gig as one of the hosts on the Italian Wine Podcast where he brings his formidable experience and affable personality to his audience.

If you are in the drinks business or are an enthusiast who may wonder about how we get what get (or don’t!) in our local bottle shops, groceries, from online retailers, etc., you will certainly want to catch this show!

Cheers and Be Well, You All!

~ Bryan