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Here’s another show from Tales of the Cocktail 2022. This time around, a fascinating conversation where we chat with Matt Edgar and Cody Meltzer of Pineapple Audio. We talk about their Tales seminar, “The Sound of Hospitality.” It’s a conversation on how deeply sound affects our experience in hospitality spaces. We also discuss how establishments that get this concept and integrate it into their design can greatly enhance their guests’ experience and enjoyment.

Pictured above from left – Cody Meltzer, Chief Experience Officer, and Matt Edgar, CEO and Founder, of Pineapple Audio at Tales of the Cocktail 2022.

The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias – The Sound of Hospitality with Pineapple Audio – 2022Ep24

We’re bringing you another show we taped at Tales of the Cocktail 2022! This time around we talk with Pineapple Audio. Our guests are their CEO and founder, Matt Edgar, and their Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Cody Meltzer. Their Chicago-based company provides audio solutions for the hospitality industry. They put on a seminar at Tales called, “The Sound of Hospitality.”

Our conversation on this show centers around how sound (including music, but not limited to it) affects our perception and our overall experience while out and about in hospitality spaces. We discuss how the mind perceives sound, how it can affect things like taste and mood, and how everyone experiences it differently.

We talk about how Pineapple Audio works with their clients in the industry to integrate audio design into their planning and presentation. This comes with a deeper understanding of the client’s space, their “vibe,” and what they are looking to achieve with their guest experience.

As Matt and Cody point out, it is very important that, as part of a complete and successful guest experience, sound is not treated as an afterthought or, simply, “cranking up the tunes.” The space’s design, understanding its preexisting ambient noise level, and many other factors should be considered when seeking to effectively integrate sound design into the overall presentation.

Also, we touch on different styles of venues and hospitality spaces and how they have approached working with them to achieve their audio goals. We talk about their seminar (please note – this show was taped before the seminar) that includes some of their clients from around the world and what Pineapple Audio did for them. Of course, we let you know about the company and their story, as well!

Cheers and Be Well, You All!

~ Bryan