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On this installment of The NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we talk with wine author, lecturer, and consultant, Richard Mayson. He is an expert on all-thing Portuguese wine and has recently penned a new book, The Wines of Portugal. We discuss that country’s wine industry, some history, varietals, terroir, and more!

Please note – we held the release of the podcast version of this and a few other great shows (one more to go!) so that they could be included in the relaunch of The Nitty Grits Podcast Network – the podcast network connected to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and the National Food and Beverage Foundation.

The NOLADrinks Show – Wines of Portugal – Dec20Ep5 – Portuguese wine expert, Richard Mayson, along with two of his terrific publications.

Pictured above – Portuguese wine expert, Richard Mayson, along with two of his terrific publications.

The NOLADrinks Show – Wines of Portugal – Dec20Ep5

On this edition of the show, we chat with wines of Portugal expert, Richard Mayson, from his home near Sheffield, England. We explore various aspects of the country’s wine industry. Though, wine production has taken place there for centuries, there is a lot you may not know about this fascinating wine producing nation.

We discuss the history of winemaking including discussing modern times and how the industry has transformed over recent decades. Richard, along with being a noted author and consultant, also owned a winery in Portugal for several years. He shares some of his insight and intimate knowledge in our conversation.

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Though Portugal’s winemaking is vast, spanning a wide range of terroir, styles, and varietals, we touch on some key regions and grapes that you should know. We touch on red wines and discuss how the country produces some terrific white wines, as well. Of course, we also discuss Port and Madeira.

Richard lets us know about his publications including his new book, The Wines of Portugal. It’s a terrific book for wine lovers that is part guidebook, listing important wineries, varietals, and regions, and part reference book that unfolds the country’s winemaking past, present, and future.

Throughout the conversation, we learn about Richard’s background and his journey through the world of Portuguese wine. He sticks around for our podcast-only segment, “Another Shot with NOLADrinks,” where we continue the chat.

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Cheers and Be Well, You All!

~ Bryan