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We’re getting ready to cover Tales of the Cocktail. So, on this edition of the NOLADrinks Show, we’re playing a couple interviews from the recent past relevant to the event and the industry. First off, is our chat with one of the filmmakers of the documentary, Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story. We then chat with Felecia and Scott Mayer who are working against sexual violence in the hospitality industry.

The NOLADrinks Show – 7-13-17 – Pisco Punch and Sexual Violence in the Hospitality Industry

We start things off talking about the show and how we’re gearing up to cover Tales of the Cocktail extensively next week when it takes place here in New Orleans. Since, we’re loaded down taking care of that, we’ve decided, on this show, to play a couple interviews from the recent past that have relevance to Tales and the spirits and hospitality industry.

First, off, we play an interview from January 5, 2017 that features Matthew Noel, one of the filmmakers behind the terrific documentary, Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story. We are also joined by Nathan Dalton, formerly of the Catahoula Hotel that has a Pisco-driven bar and Peruvian cuisine restaurant. Pisco, of course, is a spirit gaining popularity in the industry and will figure prominently at Tales. Here’s more on that from the original show notes:

We spent an afternoon and early evening in Houma, Louisiana (about an hour or so southwest of New Orleans) in the home of filmmaker, Mathew Noel. He and his wife Becky hosted us and the gang from Catahoula Hotel, a boutique space that boasts a Pisco-driven bar program and Peruvian food in their restaurant, for a private screening of the film. 

Pisco Punch – A Cocktail Comeback Story” debuted a few weeks back at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Matthew and his partner in the project, Alan Kropf, set out to make a film about Pisco and the famed cocktail, the Pisco Punch. The drink was famous in the 19th century and had strong connections to San Francisco. However, the film and story they ended up with turned into something much greater – they touched on the heart and soul of a nation – Peru. The country is the home to Pisco and is synonymous, in many ways, with its culture. 

We cover a bit about this unique beverage, how it’s made, where in Peru it’s grown, and more. Nathan Dalton, Food and Beverage Manager at the Catahoula Hotel, guides us through much of this discussion. We talk with Mathew and Nathan further about the movie, how it was made, and the story that was uncovered.

We then chat with Felecia and Scott Mayer regarding preventing sexual violence in the hospitality industry with a particular focus on bars and the spirits business. This show originally aired on April 27, 2017 as part of our coverage of the United States Bartenders Guild Southern Regional Meeting here in New Orleans. Here’s more from the those show notes:

We then talk with Felecia and Scott Mayer regarding their participation leading a seminar and panel discussion on preventing sexual violence in bars and the industry. This is an issue that we discussed on our show on March 2, 2017 with Mark Schettler and Molly Bird of Proof Positive Project who also participated on the panel. Also, joining the panel were an officer of the New Orleans Police Department and a nurse with University Hospital who focus on this area. Felecia, a counselor that specializes in sexual violence, and Scott, Director of Brand Advocacy and Education for Fratelli Branca, discuss the issue, understanding the unique challenges that the bar “space” presents, and things that can be done.

We close out the show discussing more about Tales of the Cocktail, what to look for from our upcoming coverage, and some thoughts on the event and the organization behind it. You can subscribe to, download, and stream The NOLADrinks Show podcast below!

Cheers, You All!
~ Bryan