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On this edition of the NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we start-off with our Soul Skillet segment chatting with Abigail Cosio and Jeremy Kelley of the terrific New Orleans band, Bon Bon Vivant! We talk about their music, upcoming gigs, and the Red Beans Parade. Next up, the Two Dummies Food Tour is back! We pay a visit to the New Orleans Food Trucks Coalition food truck rally at Champions Square!

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Pictured above from left – Adrienne Miller – co-host of The Two Dummies Food Tour, Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks, Kevin Merlin of Crêpes à La Cart, and Ericka Lassair of Diva Dawg.

NOLADrinks Show – 4-5-18 – Bon Bon Vivant and Two Dummies Food Tour – New Orleans Food Trucks Coalition and Rally

We start things off on the show letting you know what’s on tap for this installment. We also talk a bit about next week’s show – an interview with jazz historian and guide, John McCusker, and his efforts to dispel many myths about the birth of jazz here in New Orleans. We also talk French Quarter Festival, where will be covering the event extensively next week.

Then, we head over to Louisiana Music Factory, the greatest record store on Earth in my view, where we tape another round of our Soul Skillet segment. This time, we welcome Abigail Cosio and Jeremy Kelley of Bon Bon Vivant. They’re a terrific New Orleans band that blends, among other things, Gypsy Jazz, traditional jazz, a bit of punk, some Americana, and more in their music.

We discuss their background, the history of the band, and their forthcoming new album out in May. We also talk about their upcoming gig at French Quarter Fest (we’ll be there!) and their involvement in the Red Beans parade. Be sure to check them out around town – they still even busk from time-to-time on Royal St. – and grab their current albums as well as the soon-to-be-released new one at Louisiana Music Factory! #SoulSkillet

In the second half of the show, we return with our Two Dummies Food Tour! I am joined by my TDFT co-host, Adrienne Miller. This time around, we hang out and chow down with folks from the New Orleans Food Trucks Coalition at one of their food truck rallies. This one, put on by Live Nation New Orleans, is held each month at Champions Square, located next to the Superdome. The next one will take place on Friday, April 20 from 11 am to 2 pm.

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We talk with Ericka Lassair, owner of the Diva Dawg food truck. She is also the president of the New Orleans Food Trucks Coalition. We discuss a bit about the coalition and the food truck scene here in town. We’re then joined by Kevin Merlin of Crêpes à La Cart, who operates a mobile operation in a converted vintage truck called, “Nadine.” They also operate a brick-and-mortar spot in town, too. We taste Diva Dawg’s awesome “Cajun Surf and Turf” – a housemade alligator sausage topped with crawfish étouffée – and Crêpes à La Cart’s speculoos rolled into crêpes!

Above – the Diva Dawg “Surf and Turf.”

Above – Adrienne checks out the Crêpes à La Cart menu.

Above – Nate Baez (middle) of The Quesadilla Company.

Then Nate Baez of The Quesadilla Company comes on and we taste their delicious shrimp quesadillas and discuss other menu items (elotes!) and how they approach their menu. Also, Valerie Rosemund of Valerie’s Snoballs are with us in this segment. We talk about their various snoball flavors, their handmade syrups, sugar-free options, and taste their terrific strawberry snoball.

Above – Valerie Rosemund of Valerie’s Snoballs.

Above – Bryan samples the strawberry snoball.

Above – Steven Maher of Bonafried.

In the next segment, we talk with Steven Maher of the Bonafried food truck. We taste their fantastic hot and sweet fried chicken sandwich. We also talk about how he and his wife (he had to turn down a marriage proposal from Adrienne…) got into the food truck business including their adventures in bringing a used Hostess delivery from Texas and converting it into a food truck. #TwoDummiesFoodTour

Below the map that shows you the locations of Louisiana Music Factory and Champions Square, you can subscribe to, stream, and download the NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias podcast…

Cheers, You All!

~ Bryan