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On this edition of the NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we talk beverage industry trends with Sara Gorelick of Colangelo & Partners. Mark Schettler of the United States Bartenders’ Guild New Orleans chapter then joins to talk about the bartending business and their upcoming Southeastern Regional Meeting.

Pictured above from left – Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks and Mark Schettler of the USBG NOLA.

NOLADrinks – 4-20-17 – Beverage Industry Trends and US Bartenders Guild Regional Meeting

We start off the show with some randomness including “bear meat and Red Stag” at the White House. We also talk a bit about how there are many things that go on in the beverage industry that you may not always see. This idea, more or less, sets the framework for today’s show…

Sara Gorelick (pictured at left) of Colangelo & Partners joins the show to talk about beverage industry trends. Sara and the company have unique insight due to their role working to identify and support brands in the premium spirits, wine, and food markets. We discuss a bit about her background and 10 years spent with the firm.

We also discuss developments in the ways consumers now gain and utilize knowledge when purchasing and imbibing drinks. We then chat a bit about some specific beverage types that are trending right now, including Sherry.

Mark Schettler, President of the New Orleans chapter of the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) then joins the program. We talk about several interesting concepts and ideas connected to the bar industry and bartending. Some of this includes more of “what you don’t see” including professional development concepts, addressing social issues (such as sexual violence), and more.

We also discuss some of the institutions that are now in place in the industry and how these connect to and have reinforced the “Second Golden Age of Cocktails.” As a part of this topic, we touch on how this age contrasts with the first. We cover a bit about the idea of how information, not just about drinks, is conveyed in bars and how these spaces are important venues for this conversation.

We touch on the Proof Positive Project that Mark is working on and co-founded with another member of the New Orleans service industry, Molly Bird. This new organization seeks to educate about and prevent sexual violence in the bar industry. Check out our recent show with Mark and Molly on the subject here. Lastly, we cover the annual USBG Southeastern Regional Meeting that is taking place in New Orleans next week.

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Cheers, You All!

~ Bryan