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On this edition of the NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we welcome Alessandra Madrid and Maggie Robert of Babes and Beignets! We talk about their terrific lifestyle blog and much more. We then talk with Natasha Noordhoff of the Gulf Restoration Network along with Sam Perez and Katie DuBois, two members of the NOLA bartending community who are putting on a fundraiser for the organization.

Pictured above, from left – Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks, Maggie Robert and Alessandra Madrid of Babes and Beignets. Bryan Dias, Sam Perez of Catahoula Hotel, Katie DuBois of Barrel Proof, and Natasha Noordhoff of Gulf Restoration Network.

NOLADrinks Show – 3-23-17 – Babes and Beignets and Gulf Restoration Network Fundraiser

We start the show with a bit on upcoming events, namely Top Taco New Orleans, which took place right after the show. We touch on what is a “traditional margarita” and other things connected to the event.

We’re then joined by Alessandra Madrid and Maggie Robert of Babes and Beignets. We talk about their lifestyle blog, which they started a couple years ago. It’s a terrific resource that targets twenty-something females living in the New Orleans area. They cover food and drink, fitness, professional advice, and much more.

We discuss some of their current pieces including the hilarious “The 10 Bros You’ll Inevitably Date in New Orleans!” We talk about their backgrounds and how Babes and Beignets got started. From there, we touch on Top Taco New Orleans, as Maggie and Alessandra were on my judging team on the cocktail side for the event.

In the second hour, Natasha Noordhoff, Development Director of the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN), joins the show along with Sam Perez of Catahoula Hotel and Katie DuBois of Barrel Proof. Sam and Katie, along with Noelle Wilcox and other members of the New Orleans bartending community are putting on the “They Blinded Me with Science: A Bartender Science Fair” event and fundraiser next Wednesday, March 29 to benefit GRN.

We talk about the organization and the great work they do to protect and advocate for the ecology and communities of the Gulf Coast. We discuss their work and touch on the myriad of threats these people and the ecosystems face. We cover the event, its fun setup, and how you can participate by having a great time, taste delicious cocktails, and help an important cause.

Below the map that features some of the locations highlighted on the show, you can stream, download and subscribe to the NOLADrinks Show podcast…

Cheers, You All!

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