Next week’s NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias will feature Rob and Rico of the terrific New Orleans band, The Creole String Beans, in the studio! We’ll talk about their music, including their great new album, “Golden Crown,” as well as their love of food and drink!

It’s part of our regular feature, “Soul Skillet,” where we bring local musicians on the show to talk tunes, bevvies, and grub! Soon, we’ll be announcing some news on this segment that will keep it rockin’ and rollin’! Stay tuned! See more on The Creole String Beans here

We also hope to discuss the City of New Orleans’ new proposed safety plan that could require bars throughout the city to install security cameras inside that are fed to a central monitoring center, force them to close their doors (not for business, but literally close their doors) at 3 am, and more. We’ll keep you posted and hope you can tune in!

Cheers, You All!