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On this edition of the NOLADrinks Show with Bryan Dias, we do our monthly hangout at the Lower (Lower) Garden District’s Bakery Bar. We chat with folks from the New Orleans service industry and enjoy a few drinks!

Pictured above from left – Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks and Bazil Zerinsky.

NOLADrinks Show – On-Location at Bakery Bar – 04-06-17

We kick-off the show talking about the 34th annual French Quarter Festival taking place in town this week! It’s, perhaps (we may be biased), the best musical festival on the planet.

We then continue the show, which we recorded on Tuesday (March 4) at Bakery Bar located in the “Lower-Lower Garden District.” It’s always a fun time to be there when they host their service industry brunch and many folks from our service industry, particularly bartenders, turn-up. So, we grab them and chat about what’s what!

First-off, we sit down with Jeff Schwartz (pictured at left with Bryan Dias), general manager, of Bakery Bar and we chat about some spring menu considerations and what’s happening at their spot. Then, our good friend, Bazil Zerinsky, comes on the show. A fantastic bartender, it’s somewhat bittersweet, as she’s moving away on a new adventure. We talk about her background, our friendship, and what she’s up to moving forward – heading to Athens, Greece! Jeff then rejoins us to talk about cocktail pairings and comparing concepts there with wine and beer pairings.

We wrap-up the Bakery Bar segment with Mark Schettler, president of the New Orleans chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild and GM of Bar Tonique. We talk about Mark’s work, with partner, Molly Bird, on the Proof Positive Project that works to raise awareness combatting sexual assault both within the service industry and with among patrons in their establishments.

We wrap things-up with a bit of news and such. We’re tapping-out for French Quarter Festival – we’ll report back on that next week! We hope to see you at there!

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Cheers, You All!