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Welcome to the NOLADrinks podcast from Thursday, October 13, 2016! On this full show broadcast of the NOLADrinks Edition of the New Orleans Dine, Wine & Spirits Show, we welcome some excellent guests!

NOLADrinks Show Summary

The show leads-off with some updates of goings-on around town, including an upcoming paired rum dinner at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse featuring Papa’s Pilar Rum. We also talk about how you can connect with NOLADrinks – subscribe and download the podcast on various platforms; follow, comment, and share on our social media platforms; and visit our website at


Our first guest is the terrific New Orleans musician and songwriter, Paul Sanchez. He joins the show to talk about his upcoming concert at Pontchartrain Vineyards, a winery in Bush, Louisiana, about an hour from NOLA, as part of their “Jazz’n the Vines,” an outdoor concert series at the winery that takes place every spring and fall. Paul discusses his current project, “Paul Sanchez and The Rolling Roadshow.” It features an ever-changing and supremely talented line-up pulled from a larger group of his friends and frequent collaborators.

We then move on and discuss Paul’s love of food and drink. As a native of New Orleans, he has strong connections to the city’s culinary culture and traditions. In fact, it’s a topic that is frequently referenced in his lyrics. The discussion also includes some talk about favorite spots to eat and drink around town as well as some favorite wines.

Leora Madden of Pearl Wine Co. calls in to talk about “orange wines.” In this case, we are referring to wines that see extended “skin time” before being pressed (not fruit wine!) Most often, these wines are made from Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris. Similar to rosé, these wines “sit on their skins” for several hours – a process that is not the norm for most white wines, which are, typically, crushed and pressed and moved to storage quickly. The result of the skin contact is a wine with more tannin (yes, even with white wines), phenols, and color pigment – often an orange-like tint.

In a sense, this can be considered the “opposite” of rosé, where, though the skin time might be the same or so in the number of hours, the concept is to get the juice off the skins of the red grapes quickly to keep the color light and the tannins lower. Most red wines macerate on their skins for days, imparting more color and tannin.

Leora also talks about a tasting that evening featuring orange wines from various parts of the world at the wine shop. Pearl Wine Co. features complimentary tastings every Thursday and Friday evenings at the store located at 3700 Orleans Ave. in the Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans.

In the last hour, Isaiah Estell (pictured above right with Bryan Dias of NOLADrinks at left), Beverage Director of Cavan, a fairly new restaurant in the Uptown neighborhood of the city, joins the show. The restaurant is located in a renovated 19th century mansion and features casual fine-dining in both the elegant downstairs dining area as well as the stylish upstairs bar. The establishment, whose aesthetic design was largely created and executed by Sylvia T Designs, exhibits “beautiful decay” as the ambience. The food is fresh and is “tri-coastal” in presentation. Craft cocktails and in interesting, yet approachable and friendly-priced, wine list are part of their offerings.

Isaiah discusses his background, the restaurant, and more. We talk about wines, including a discussion on revisiting certain vintages that were, initially described as “bad” or “good” and may be due a revisit. He shares his passion for the wines of Burgundy, as well. In keeping with this, we sip on a very nice and approachable red Burgundy (meaning, Pinot Noir) – the 2013 Domaine Bertagna – Bourgogne – Hautes-Côtes de Nuits “Les Dames Huguettes.”

Below the map showing some of the locations relevant to the show, you can stream, download, and subscribe to the podcast. It is now available on iTunes, Google Play Music, and TuneIn Radio, as well as by email subscription and RSS. Cheers, You All!